You and your new love interest are just settling in, but your dog won’t give up his spot on your once-single bed.  You won’t be feeling the love tonight. How about when your dog has an accident on your grandmother’s oriental rug – the only décor item not from Pottery Barn – you may want to unfriend him like a former buddy on Facebook.

DOG-FRIENDLY LIFE (DFL) is a comprehensive guide for smart city-dwellers who want their furry friends to be happy, but not necessarily the focal point of their lives. Not a dog-training book, Dog-Friendly Life presents practical information based on behavioral science with real life experiences both here online and soon-to-be-in-print.

Slightly irreverent, significantly sassy, and drawing upon examples from two decades of animal behavioral training, Jamie Damato Migdal, Margaret Littman and the Dog-Friendly Life staff will demystify the questions urban dog-owners have, but are sometimes afraid to ask. These real-world scenarios will cover everything from travel and health to relationships and home décor.